If your goal is constant workload, you have to bid more jobs. Candels is a resource to make that happen, either on a full-time, part-time or as needed basis.

It’s more than just a low price. It’s about bidding to the right companies, bidding work that you are “good” at, all while ensuring that your costs are covered and you can be profitable.

The principal owners have years of knowledge not only in estimating, but sales, marketing, business relationships and training. And, they are always willing to share ideas to help their customers.

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Feeling the crunch of having to bid more jobs to get the same amount of work? Or perhaps a staff estimator does not make fiscal sense for your company?  There’s an easier, more cost effective way to get those electrical estimates done on time.  “On call” electrical estimating is exactly what it sounds like! Candels, your “on call” electrical estimators has a staff that can help you complete your estimates on time and accurately.  Candels is celebrating our 12th year in business in 2015, and our estimators have the experience and background to help companies like yours!  You will not get a more detailed take-off anywhere else!  Our clients tell us “You’re not the cheapest, just the best!”